“Inspired by the color of the tropics and exotic travels to warm climates, AZUL, is infused with glorious tropical vibes and spirited Caribbean rhythms.”

“Azul – Spanish for blue or sky blue is the major influence on guitarist Johannes Linstead’s tenth album recorded in various studios around the world including the Dominican Republic, Australia and Canada.”
~ Gary James, and Wave 94.7 & 95.9 HD-2.

“Nuevo disco del gran guitarrista global que una vez más es capaz de crear climas de intensas emociones en sus temas a través de la potente ejecución de música con un fuerte sello latino y sonidos repletos de cimas y paisajes  que incluyen la guitarra acústica y eléctrica.”

“His guitar style, exquisite. His vocals, absolutely amazing. His latest CD “Azul” a 5 star rating.”
~ Bel7, a European magazine

“The harmonies of Be My Girl are such that listener swill easily be able to sing along after a few listens. The track builds off of the lounge rock of performers like Jimmy Buffett, Santana and a bit more of the rock side of The Beach Boys.”
~ NeuFutur

“Loaded with tropical peace, all-bracing serenity, exoticism to the moon and back, and the warmth that fans of his music have come to know so well, Azul should be on the lips of all real music lovers for a long time to come. Carisma con exotismo.”
~ Smooth Jazz Ride

“I love flamenco guitar and Spanish guitar.  Not many do it better than Johannes Linstead.  He is also blends so many other cultural sounds that are so amazing.  This is one of those albums I will grab because I know it is him and don’t have to know any song from it to know I will enjoy it.”

“Johannes verment New Age, wereldmuziek en Latin, en stelt niet teleur. Het perfecte gezelschap voor een trip naar de tropen!”
~ (European magazine)

“His music drifts from Afro-Cuban to Spanish and beyond and his band features congas, bongos, accordion, and more.”
~ Kawartha Now

“Let Johannes Linstead take you to the islands in his latest video from his brand new album, AZUL, inspired by the color of the tropics and exotic travels to warm climates!”
~ Smooth Travel

“Midnight Rhumba: intenso y brillante.”

“On Midnight Rhumba, the immensely popular and renowned guitarist explores the allure of tasteful European and Latin American musical delicacies, as well as giving an impressive nod to the Caribbean island sound as he embraces reggae and calypso styles.Midnight Rhumba is exciting and infectious.”

“The music of Linstead is like a journey around the world. Johannes Linstead is an excellent guitarist. His lyrical melodies play over a rhythmic groove.”
~ Folk World, Home of European Music

“When not strumming and picking mellifluous passages, he agilely skips between and over boundaries in lightning runs. Not a line goes by but that you want to smile, grin, tap your foot, or dance, maybe all of that and more besides. However, as is the case with the best New Age work, the eleven tracks here are also excellent for engaged listening; that is to say: not just slapping the CD in the player and vacuuming the parlor but actually sitting down, unfixing the frantic mind and disposition, and letting art work its magic. Turn off the TV, put the phone on mute, and give yourself a much-needed treat.”

“The perfect guitar album to blow away your cold weather blues. A fascinating mix of instrumental Spanish guitar sounds accompanied by the sound of Gypsy violin, Afro-Cuban percussion, piano and accordion.”

“Johannes has gone above and beyond with his contemporary flamenco guitar music with Midnight Rhumba.  It is new, fast, and has the beat of a lover.  He bares his soul to the world with this album.”

“Johannes Linstead has become nearly synonymous with superb world beat guitar/ensemble music, and Tales of a Gypsy only makes that connection more solid. Playing Spanish guitar, keyboards, and assorted percussion and joined by adroit guest stars on percussion and hand drums, Linstead stirs up a sensual storm, letting fly some amazing guitar licks while also providing solid melodies and plenty of sassy rhythms. A gypsy heart beats inside all of us, especially when exotic music such as this fills the air.
~ Retailing Insight

Tales of a Gypsy is an intoxicating blend of pulsating rhythms, sweet melodies, and the diversity of World sound for which he has often been noted.”
~ Smooth Jazz Ride

“A lasting treasure, Tales of a Gypsy is worthy of the highest recommendation for devotees of quality guitar music.”
~ Midwest Book Review

“With his many albums, Johannes Linstead has proven to be one of the flamenco guitar genre’s most versatile and adventurous artists.”
~ Music Design

Tales of a Gypsy is one of the best world-fusion albums of the year and not to be missed!”

“Johannes Linstead is a blazing quick and amazingly lyrical guitarist. There is a sense of joy and affirmation of life that pervades every one of his compositions. Highly recommended.”
~ Vivoscene Magazine

“The Spanish guitar ace does it again. Killer stuff.”
~ Midwest Record

“This is truly a fusion of world music, presented with unrelenting passion and vigor.”
~ RajMan Reviews

“Every cut in Tales of a Gypsy is captivating, and it’s very easy to see why Linstead has a number of discs already out, with more than a few awards
behind them.”

“Tales of a Gypsy is his best release yet!”
~ New Age Music World

“Words that came to mind as I played Johannes Linstead’s Tales of a Gypsy as loud as I could stand it while driving on the Oregon Coast yesterday: Wow! Fun! Alive! Exhilarating! Joyful! Exotic! Exciting!”
~ Mainly Piano

“Even when Linstead is not in overdrive, when compared to his peers he still a compelling and intriguing artist capable of just about anything.”
~ Michael Debbage

“More than a year ago, I reviewed a live album and DVD by artists on the Gemini Sun label. There I discovered the magical Spanish guitar of Canadian guitarist Johannes Linstead, and immediately I was hooked! Johannes plays that guitar with such a fire and passion, that you’re swept away. Johannes composed every song and created beautiful melodies, such as the joyful opener ‘The Happy Song (Felicidad)’. This album is in a class all by itself! Strongly recommended! And if you’re into peaceful and holistic living, you can consider joining Johannes’ new website”
~ Smooth Jazz Europe – Patrick Van de Wiele

“As if Johannes Linstead fans didn’t already know it would happen again, the Canadian guitarist is once more igniting passion, desire, and dreams through his exotic and fiery handling of the Spanish guitar.”
~ Smooth Jazz Vibes magazine –

“Exploration of the Spanish guitar by a virtuoso is something any true guitarist should be listening to. I’m a drummer and I still can have my face melted by Johannes Linstead.”
~ Smother magazine –

“I have followed the journeys of this master guitarist for only a few releases, but I know that I speak for thousands upon thousands across the globe when I say Linstead’s magic is unmistakable and undeniable. To spark such electricity from an acoustic instrument with such spirit and drive is a feat that defies the need for words. Each of these tunes has a name beyond its letters, a soul all its own, brought to life by the adept fingers of one who truly knows how to work a melody into your heart.”
~ – Ronald Jackson

“If you love the sound of Spanish guitar, and appreciate, as I do, how important a musical texture this instrument brings to the Smooth Jazz format, then multl-award winning Canadian guitarist Johannes Linstead’s new release MISTICO is an absolute must-have. The songs on MISTICO are all originals, feature musicians from around the World… they run the gamut from traditional to contemporary, but always with a fiery sense of passion and joyful feelings. Mr. Linstead, among his many pursuits, founded and now operates Divine Earth (, an organization committed to promoting peace and holistic living. I strongly urge you visit there, and also his website for more background on this amazing gentleman. The liner notes on Johannes Linstead’s MISTICO mention it as “your go-to album when you need a little spice in your life!” and I’d like to add, “and especially when you need a boost of positivity!”
~ – Scott O’Brien

“Quickly becoming known as one of Canada’s top guitarists, Johannes Linstead won recognition as the 2007 CSJA best guitarist. Strongly influenced by the cultures of South American, the Caribbean, and other regions where he traveled as a youth, he’s received numerous accolades for the fiery passion of his live performances. Additionally, there have has been a series of top-charting albums!! After his 1999 debut, Mediterranea, a 2004 release, went to #6 on Billboard and was named Best World Album by NAR while Café Tropical reached #4 a couple of year later. Mistico, now his 7th and most recent solo effort, is a project upon which Linstead continues to “explore many of the nuances of the Spanish guitar” all while delving deeply into the many varied elements of world music at his command.”

“Flamenco is a guitar artform that is constantly reinventing itself. Although started in Spain well over a hundred years ago, flamenco—and all it’s various modern day guitar offspring influences—is still currently in vogue. As far as modern day exponents of the flamenco guitar sound, you need look no farther than Johannes Linstead, who in 2009 released his new CD Mistico. A number of skillful Global Beat musicians assist Linstead’s Spanish guitar vision. Complimented by some colorful drum and percussion sound, Linstead keeps the beat in play as his time honored Spanish guitar technique mixes well with today’s modern studio wizardry. The CD sound is great and the packaging is first rate too. In the spirit of top players, Linstead is up there with the best nuevo flamenco guitar players on the scene today.”
~ Music Web Express –

“Mistico is the successful album that commands much respect, not only by the heart beating origins of another chart topping project by Johannes and his extraordinary Contemporary Latin guitar rhythms, but Mistico becomes an extravagant music festival with top international artists performing by his side.”
~ – John P. Olsen

“Gathering a global crew of guest artists from Spain, Cuba, Greece, Iran, and Venezuela, guitarist Johannes Linstead sets out to liven up everyone’s mood, which is evident on the rousing opening number, “The Happy Song (Felicidad).” World-beat instruments such as accordion, violin, and doumbek emphasize the “world” in “world beat,” although Linstead’s guitar takes center stage on the majority
of the tracks. A surefire way to liven up any room, this album benefits from cranking up the volume.”
~ New Age Retailer – Bill Binkleman

“If passionate, exotic guitar playing that captures the piquant essence of Spain sounds appealing, then you’ll want to spend some time with the music of Johannes Linstead. One minute you’ll be mesmerized by the nimble speed of his expert fretwork, the next you’ll be seduced by the lush, romantic melodies of his guitar boleros. MISTICO is awash in a variety of enchanting influences from the Mediterranean region – the strings of the Middle East, the rhythmic flavors of Greece (particularly on the title track), Latin percussion from Cuba (“Coconut Girl”) much more. All of the cuts feature Linstead’s guitar as the lead instrument, with drums and handclaps as accompaniment, as well as strings, additional guitars, piano, accordion and keyboards.”

“Exotic flamenco guitar rhythms are the domain of Johannes Linstead. MISTICO builds off of the strengths he has displayed on past albums with lots of fiery fretwork backed by Mediterranean instrumentation (Spain, Greece, the Middle East) and an assortment of different drums.”
~ Music Design

“For several years, Johannes Linstead has been regarded as one of the top Latin guitarists in the world. His most recent CD Cafe Tropical does nothing to dispel that notion. Ladies if you are looking for a great night out and want to watch a very good looking man play some beautiful music then you should check out Linstead’s itinerary. He tours extensively throughout the United States and Canada. Gentleman if you are planning a romantic candlelit dinner for that special lady you will not go wrong in creating the perfect ambience with the music of Johannes Linstead.”
~, Joe Montague

“If there was ever a CD that invoked summer, sunshine, music, water, and beaches, this [Cafe Tropical] is it! I love sitting in my backyard hammock, playing with my dogs, or reading a good book with this glorious CD as my accompaniment. Treat yourself to a taste of summer!”

“A Spanish guitar “tour de force” only begins to describe the hot Latin sounds of Johannes Linstead and his Flamenco Band.”
~ The Ithaca Journal

“From gentle to rapid acoustic guitar lines, combined with different Latin rhythms from the Caribbean, South America and Spain, Linstead demonstrates ample technique and passion on the guitar, including some balanced improvisation and violin throughout.”
~ Latin Jazz Club

“Café Tropical” is everything you could possibly want in an island getaway in one CD. The latest release from world-renowned, chart-topping Flamenco guitar virtuoso, Johannes Linstead, lets fly cool, island rhythms blended with his always-fiery Latin flavored compositions.”
~ Best Stuff Magazne

“…the warm and invigorating music of Café Tropical is further evidence that Johannes Linstead is one of the leading artists in the nouveau flamenco guitar genre.”
~ Michael Debbage, SPP Publications

Cafe Tropical transports the listener to beautiful places with passionate, guitar-led music performed by expert fingertips.”
~ Freetimes Magazine, Rochester NY

Cafe Tropical – With an international backing band, this is ocean breeze fantasy of classical guitar.”
~ Yeah Yeah Yeah, Cincinnati OH

“[Cafe Tropical] lays you back with a mix of world influence, helped out by top-flight Cuban and South American pals laying in waves of percussion, trumpet and violin. It’s an album to escape with, musically and mentally.”
~ Times & Transcript, New Brunswick, Canada

“Upbeat, refined, and congenial as ever, Café Tropical is a crisply performed, easy-to-like collection of nouveau flamenco destined to brighten the atmosphere, particularly at summer patio parties.”
~ Editorial Review

“The talented composer and multi-instrumentalist Johannes Linstead shows no signs of slowing down”
~ Outsmart Magazine

Cafe Tropical will be a precious pearl in any music-lover’s collection.”
~ S. Kozlovsky Jazz Reviews, Belarus

“Kick your feet up and mellow out for an exceptional musical journey to the tropics.”
~ The World Beat – Pick of the Month April 2006,

“How many people can claim that every single one of their albums have charted on Billboard? Not many; hell, most can’t even claim one. Not so with Johannes Linstead, whose work is always highly regarded both in sales and by critics who can’t get enough of his Spanish guitar compositions. The minute you insert this CD into your stereo you’ll be whisked away on a far-off journey to Spain and the Mediterranean Sea. Two words that immediately come to mind are: absolutely stunning.”

“Linstead’s last album was the kind of mind-blower that redefined flamenco guitar for the new age. Once again, he ups the ante. In the manner of contemporary masters like McLaughlin et al, Linstead has a world beat fire that doesn’t go out. Continuing to be an artist you have to keep tabs on, this is another must for all guitar fans.”
~ Midwest Record Recap

“This album [Mediterranea] makes you feel like you’re in a far away land sipping Sangria and watching a beautiful sunrise over the Mediterranean. If you like Spanish guitar, you’re going to love this.”
~ Indie Music Magazine

“‘Mediterranea’ is an acoustic Spanish guitar tour-de-force. On this first meeting with the music of Johannes Linstead I was truly impressed. The album delivers some of the most accessible Spanish guitar music and modern Flamenco around. I found it to be the most rhythmic in the genre.. A grand listen! Recommended.”
~ Critical Review Service

“Hot enough to generate more than a few sparks, Johannes Linstead’s fourth offering, “Zabuca”, proves once again that he’s a force to be reckoned with in the nouveau flamenco arena.”
~ Backroads Music

“Johannes whisks us away to exotic lands via upbeat songs of celebration or somber compositions of reflective romantic ballads with great ease. I was fortunate enough to meet this man in person during an in-store appearance. His guitar playing was breathless to say the least.” ~ Michael Debbage,

“Johannes Linstead masters the Art of Living in his music: His feet are planted firmly on the ground, allowing him to draw upon vast resources of inner strength and clarity of vision to produce poetic gifts of his imagination, passion, experiences and pure skill. Through his music, we are able to glimpse deep into the soul of this gifted guitarist, leaving us wanting more of his stardust, moonglow, and heat of the fire that burns within.”
~ Birgit Moenke, STIR Magazine

“‘Zabuca’ is a fiery, passionate Spanish guitar tour de force.”
~ Kathy Parsons , Solo Piano Publications

“In the darkest days of deep winter the newest and brightest notes from the guitar of Johannes Linstead blossom brighter than a field of sunflowers in August. It’s musical magic.”
~ Antoinette Botsford, NAV Magazine

“Zabuca burns with the same passionate and festive Latin joy, from the jubilant and brassy “Gauyabera” to the seductive and whimsical, Middle Eastern influenced “La Rumbita.”
~ Jonathan Widran, Jazziz Magazine

“Zabuca – Un disco che brucia di gioia appassionata con ritmi sensuali ed eccentrici che combinano il virtuosismo chitarristico di Johannes Linstead, insieme a momenti dolci con romantiche parti vocali stese su un meraviglioso arazzo di ritmi nouveau flamenco.”
~ Trigono (Italy)

“Linstead’s magic guitar spins out melodies like summer bees spin honey out of wildflowers, his music incandescent with life force. Zabuca personifies the mystery of the heart and evokes whitewashed villas gleaming in the sun-splashed hills above the harbor, or the astonishing color of bougainvillea in the first rays of the morning sun”
~ Steve Ryals, New Age Retailer

“‘Guitar of Fire,’ is a most apt description of Nouveau Flamenco artist Johannes’ performances. More than just dazzling runs up and down the fret board or displays of dexterity in plucking and strumming, these are cohesive melodies and tunes.”
~ Ken Rosenbaum, Toledo Blade

“The listener is invited to embrace dream-like visions and sweet romantic themes as the music overflows with life.”
~ Evelyn Santoro, The Planet

“Full of syncopated tumbao-like grooves, doubled melodies, and speedy guitar soloing. The occasional Gipsy violin part adds a nice touch.”
~ Flamenco Connection

“Cuarto álbum de uno de los principales exponentes de la guitarra espanola en las nuevas músicas estadounidenses. Jubilosas y festivas, sus composiciones siguen una onda caribena, rumbera y latinoamericana con ocasionales tonos románticos y meditativos.”
~ Edires (Spain)

“Johannes is a celebrated and passionate player, expressing the joy of life in every track. Excellent album.”
~ Richard Giles, Nexus Magazine

“A sure bet for guitar fans to love and spread the word about. Hot stuff!”
~ Midwest Record Recap

“Linstead is deservedly rising from the ranks of new flamenco artists thanks to his inspired melding of Caribbean and South American rhythms with smile-inducing melodies. Unlike the dozen or so mostly mediocre artists currently featured on compilations too numerous to mention, Linstead is actually penning truly memorable tunes.”

“Look out Ottmar Liebert. If Ottmar Liebert is the king of nouveau flamenco, then Johannes Linstead must be it’s eldest prince.”

“Johannes Linstead transports the listener on an intimate journey through the colorful Caribbean.”
~ New World Buzz, Martin Curti

“Linstead has the touch. His musicianship bespeaks of a finely honed talent enjoying the moment when people are listening. His talent lies in his timing, the pauses and rests between notes, and the continuation of momentum and emotions after the pauses.”
~ Awareness Magazine

“Johannes’ music fits comfortably in the nouveau flamenco category, but one listen will tell you that it is so much more…music that fully realizes the romance, energy and vibrancy of the cultures which inspired it.”
~ New Age Voice

“Johannes Linstead’s exceptional flamenco CD rates in the top 5 of our extensive flamenco section.”
~ Open Door Music

“(Kiss The Earth) is the perfect CD to put on for watching sunsets.”
~ Kaos Magazine

“This music is full of life…a real volcano of passion and fire.”
~ Serge Kozlovsky, Jazz Magazine (Republic of Belarus)

“Kiss The Earth – Johannes Linstead propone ritmi vivaci, orgogliosi passaggi sonori e fantastiche melodie come ingredienti base del viaggio esotico e appassionato verso gli assolati paradisi caraibici e le calde notti danzanti sudamericane.”
~ Trigono (Italy)

“Linstead creates music that reflects the exciting sounds of nouveau flamenco with an amazingly strong debut album. From poignant and contemplative to fiery and provocative, Sol Luna Tierra embraces the many sounds and emotions of this striking genre of music.”
~ Music Design

“I listened to Sol Luna Tierra and realized immediately that I had forgotten something – my passport. The music of Johannes Linstead carried me around the world in song with sultry ballads, native rhythms, and firecracker flamenco.”
~ Wind & Wire Magazine

“SOL LUNA TIERRA is the debut release from this exciting acoustic guitarist, whose explorations deep into the realm of nouveau flamenco are truly dreamy.”
~ (Borders Books & Music)

“Heartily recommended!”
~ Tandem Magazine

“Johannes exudes international appeal…a talent indeed.”
~ Eye For The Future

“Gypsy freedom and original melodies”

“The many moods of Latin guitar emerge on Johannes Linstead’s Sol Luna Tierra. Inspired by journeys in Cuba, Colombia and Venezuela, Linstead adds piano, horns, flute and percussion to his snappy flamenco rhythms and gorgeous melodies.”
~ Words and Music Magazine

“Sol Luna Tierra, Johannes Linstead’s exceptional flamenco CD- rates in the top 5 of our extensive flamenco section”
~ Open Door Music

“For those readers with tastes as eclectic as my own, or with a yen for warmer climes and the music to dream of them by, don’t pass this up.”
~ RHIG Magazine

“An imaginative fusion of folklores, shaped by the artistic pesonality of this composer…lively rhythms elaborated with warm percussion…”
~ Amazings

“…Flamenco flourishes and meticulous rhythms, adding a unique and independent voice to the musical parlance of his influences. Linstead’s original pieces are veritable daydreams for the easy listening/instrumental audience market which will swoon on first contact with his first single titled Mountain Mist.”
~ RPM Magazine