Johannes Mentioned In Novel

How cool is this? I was mentioned in a Harlequin Romance romance novel! The book is called “The Things She Says” by Kat Cantrell. Check it out here:

>>He took the player from her and stuck it in the holder on the dash. Two taps later, a stringed instrument wailed through the speakers, the melody so instantly heartbreaking, it stole her breath. She’d never imagined such passion could be poured into music.
“The musician is Johannes Linstead,” he said. “Do you like it?”
“It’s so beautiful, it hurts my chest. Is it weird that it makes me feel like weeping?”
With two fingers, he slid off his sunglasses and impaled her with stormy, liquid eyes, searching her face with an immeasurable intensity. “The music makes me feel like that, too.”

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