269 Million Pandora Streams!

I was just looking into my stats for Pandora and was blown away – 269.7 MILLION streams! Wow! Thank you everyone who takes the time to enjoy and support my music. – Johannes

4 thoughts on “269 Million Pandora Streams!

  1. I found your music indirectly through a coworker via Pandora. It started from the Ledward Kaapana station to Lara & Reyes to You, Jessie Cook, and Jim Stubblefield. I play a variety of instruments and find your music inspiring with the guitar, violin, and Middle Eastern themes. I have your Pandora station on at work and guests have commented their appreciation of it. As of today I have 7 of your albums. Thank You for being Awesome and Keep up the Good Work.

  2. We listen to your music constantly on Pandora … play along with our congas … we are wondering if you play concerts

    1. Yes, I do play concerts…mostly in Canada, the US and the Dominican Republic. Unfortunately a few of my shows have been cancelled but we will begin posting our summer shows once we are sure they will actually take place!

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