#1 “Most Increased” on AC National Radio Hits

TROPICAL CHRISTMAS #1 “Most Increased” song on AC National Radio Hits chart this week – ahead of Selena Gomez and Maroon 5! Check out these other stats for Tropical Christmas this week:

#22* AC40 Chart/National Radio Hits!
3rd “Most Added” Top40/New Music Weekly!
#1 “Most Increased” AC40/NRH!
#25* Top40 Indie Chart Debut/NMW!
#24* Top30 Mainstream Chart Debut/IMN!
#19* AC40 Indie Chart/NMW!
#76* Hot100 Chart/NMW!
6th “Most Added” AC40/National Radio Hits!
#5* AC40 “Chart-bound”/NMW!

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