Tales of Gypsy in Top 100 ZMR album airplay chart for 2012

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Zone Music Reporter (ZMR) has released its TOP 100 ALBUMS for 2012 (out of 2,300 reported) and TALES OF A GYPSY by JOHANNES LINSTEAD has ranked #27!!!

About Zone Music Reporter: Radio stations from around the world report to ZMR the songs/albums that they play each month. At the end of the month ZMR totals the airplay and presents the monthly charts. At the end of the year ZMR releases the Top 100 Airplay Charts based on airplay for the year.

From Johannes’ publicist, Randall Davis of the Creative Service Co.
“Now, truthfully, one of the factors of this chart is that albums that came out early in the year and stayed on the chart for many months rank higher than albums that came out later in the year and only had the chance to be on the chart for a few months. If they included the December 2012 chart (which has not yet come out), you would undoubtedly have been in the Top 20 or higher.  All the other top albums were on the chart five to ten months.”
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