Tales of a Gypsy

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Available NOW on iTunes and Amazon. The many passionate expressions of the Spanish guitar are beautifully presented on Tales of a Gypsy by multi-award winning guitarist Johannes Linstead. Joyful, mystical and exotic sounds weave together with sensual rhythms to create an album that will become a lasting favorite in any music collection. Accentuating Johannes’ guitar are many guest musicians from around the world. On various songs you’ll hear violin, percussion, accordion, oud and pan pipes, giving the album a rich and melodious tapestry. Recorded and mixed in part in the Dominican Republic, a definite tropical and festive vibe can be heard throughout.

Tracks - sound clips

Jungle Love (3:58)
Noche de la Juerga (3:35)
Swaying Palms (3:44)
September Remembered (3:28)
La Lunada (4:02)
Vagabond Stomp (4:27)
Bella! Bella! (3:11)
Sosua Bay Sunset (4:03)
Tales of a Gypsy (6:41)
Flows Like Water (7:08)
Caravan of Desire (4:12)


Johannes Linstead Spanish Guitars (all), Keyboards, Udu Drum, Shakers and Percusssion Effects (all)
Anastasios Bigas Congas (track 6), Bongos (tracks 1, 3), Drums (tracks 6, 7, 8)
Geoff Hlibka Oud (tracks 10, 11), Acoustic Guitar (track 7)
Jalidan Ruiz Congas (track 1), Bongos (tracks 2, 5, 9, 10, 11)
Jordan Abraham Accordion (tracks 3, 6, 8)
Alex Godinez Congas and Timbales (track 11)
Sina Khosravi Doumbek (tracks 5, 9, 11)
Special Guests
Nicholas Gunn Pan Pipes (track 1)
Gisele Fredette Operatic Voice (track 11)
Vasyl Popadiouk Violin (tracks 2, 7, 9, 10, 11)

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  2. hi i love gutare and you
    you are very very besttttttttttttttttttttt
    i am from iran

  3. Tales of a Gypsy has now put you one-up on Jessie Cook, his new CD is a real yawner… We await a DVD!

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