Midnight Rhumba
28 Oct 2014 | World


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Midnight Rhumba – CD *NEW!

Midnight Rhumba coverSound clips – WINNER of “Best World Album” and “People’s Choice Award” – Midnight Rhumba is an exotic escape from the mundane to an exciting world of tropical sounds and passionate rhythms featuring the sensual guitar of multi-award winning instrumentalist Johannes Linstead. His gorgeous melodies and fiery rhythms accompanied by Gypsy violin, Afro-Cuban percussion, and joyful accordion make this a go-to album for any fiesta.

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Tales of a Gypsy – CD

Sound clips – The passion, fire and romance of the Spanish guitar is eloquently presented on Tales of a Gypsy by multi-award winning guitarist Johannes Linstead. Joyful, mystical and exotic sounds weave together with sensual rhythms to create an album that will become a lasting favorite in any music collection. Accentuating Johannes’ guitar are many guest musicians from around the world. On various songs you’ll hear violin, percussion, accordion, oud and pan pipes, giving the album a rich and melodious tapestry. Recorded and mixed in part in the Dominican Republic, a definite tropical and festive vibe can be heard throughout.

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Mistico – CD

MisticoSound clips – MISTICO explores the many nuances of the Spanish guitar, from the traditional to the contemporary, from the passionate to the fiery. Known equally for his beautiful melodies and for his lightning-fast guitar work, multi-award winning composer Johannes Linstead joins with musicians from around the world, such as Spain, Cuba, Greece, Iran, and Venezuela, to make this album a rare gem amongst the Latin guitar genre. From the opening track, The Happy Song (Felicidad), Johannes sets the tone for what is sure to be your go-to album when you need a little spice in your life!

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Buddha In A Business Suit

Buddha“This book draws on my experiences as a yogi, as well as a business owner. It can be a difficult endeavor trying to balance life and work, and this book seeks to help anyone who has ever wanted to find ways to reduce stress, attract and retain new customers, and keep on a positive path along the journey.”
~ Johannes Linstead



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Encanto – CD

Encanto Sound clips – Award-winning Latin guitarist Johannes Linstead and multi-platinum selling flautist Nicholas Gunn collaborate on Encanto, a highly inspired album of original songs. Johannes’ masterful guitar work combined with Nicholas’ passionate flute create an atmosphere that is at once engaging, powerful, and sublime, and yet at times, hauntingly beautiful. Together they have accomplished a new found level of brilliance, an album that is sure to make its mark as a masterful accomplishment.

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Cafe Tropical – CD

Cafe TropicalCafe Tropical features several guest musicians, including award-winning jazz pianist Hilario Duran, and trumpeter Alexis Baro, both hailing from Havana, Cuba.

Like an ocean breeze on a sun-filled day, or a night dance beneath a starlit sky, Cafe Tropical bursts with vibrant Latin rhythms and fiery Spanish guitar making this recording a must-have for the summer season.

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Mediterranea – CD

MediterraneaSound clips – Winner of “Best World Album” – Spanish guitar, Greek bouzouki, and Gypsy violin come alive in “Mediterranea” the fifth CD by Billboard charting guitarist/composer Johannes Linstead. Close your eyes and experience the passion and mystique of far away lands in songs like “Journey To Alcazaba” – a seven minute masterpiece destined to become a classic among guitar aficionados. Johannes reveals his tender side in the romantic “Estrellas Sobre Ella” where guitars and violin swirl in melodic melancholy accented by beautiful vocalizations.

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