Music and Animals


I rec’d this lovely email from Brenda Dushko, manager of the local Humane Society…

“I wanted to share a really cool story with you. I often volunteer to drive orphaned and injured wildlife from the shelter to a wonderful angel of a woman who has a wildlife rehabilitation centre in Welland. Last Friday night there were a bunch of animals that needed a ride to save their little lives and since I didn’t have plans I was happy to go. I loaded up my car with the following:  6 tiny baby mallard ducklings, 6 little grackle nestlings, 12 baby bunnies (2 litters), one tiny baby raccoon and one juvenile raccoon, and one injured juvenile bunny (there were seven boxes in all).  Normally this would have made for a very noisy drive…but here’s the thing, I put on your Tales of a Gypsy CD and  after a few seconds, everyone was quiet and stayed quiet for the whole trip! The wonderful music lulled them, eased their stress and quieted them. Johannes, I always have music or the radio on when I drive them, but it doesn’t quiet them down one bit.  Thank you for your beautiful music!!!”

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  1. Your music has that effect on us 2-legged creatures as well! :)

    • I think this is a lovely story Brenda, and I enjoyed your heartfelt post…As a Johannes fan, I know the album well and play it out on our speakers when my dogs are in their runs…and I want to garden so we all enjoy it together. Thank you Johannes for your wonderful wealth of music…and Brenda for caring for God's small wild creatures.

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